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Private Label Cookie Manufacturer

Private Label Cookie Manufacturers

Our contract bakery service manufacture cookies from the clients own recipe. For clients that do not require their own recipe we have private label cookies options available.

The growing trend and major marketing decision for retailers concerns the area of private label bakery products. Also known a store, house or distributor brands represent about 20% of all items sold in the United States. More and more chains are looking for ways to stay ahead of competitors with a brand that is not available anywhere else.

A private label line of cookies is the less expensive route to take and therefore far more profitable for retailers. We have already absorbed the expense of recipe research and development so that retailers can charge less but still maintain a high profit margin.

Years ago, there was a recognizable gap in quality between most private-label and brand-name products, not just cookies. Now the quality difference between the two choices has significantly narrowed. Using our products as an example the difference in quality between private label products and branded items such as Baker’s Batch is ZERO. Both private label and branded items are produced from the same exact recipe in the same ovens and are identical in taste and quality.

Today consumers are far more educated and know that brand names have to charge more just to cover the massive cost of advertising. Even so private label cookies are taking a bite out of brand names sales. This leads to brand name companies spending more promotional dollars.

The cost conscious consumer also knows that retailers would not promote an in-house brand if it is poor quality. One poor quality private label cookie can jeopardize the reputation of ALL in-house brands in the store, and potentially the retailer’s good name.

For retailers searching a private label manufacturer will not be disappointed with Traditional Baking’s wide range of high quality cookies. Our cookies look, feel and taste homemade. They are made from a recipe just like Mom used to make, except the ratio of ingredients are on a much larger scale.

As private label suggests these cookies can be packaged in any manner with your brand name. The brand is owned by you, not us, and can be promoted as your in-house label.

Our private label cookies are priced for successful and profitable sell-through in any retail environment. Get the cookies into the hands (or mouths) of your customers and they will want to come back for more time and time again.

Our existing clients continue to leverage our expert knowledge, impeccable reputation and high quality products to consistently increase profits.


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