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Kathy Voortman, CEO

Traditional is not just a name but a philosophy. CEO, Kathy Voortman, is a third generation manufacturer and has had her hands in the cookie jar from a very early age. Only a few years after arriving in Ontario, Canada from the Netherlands in 1948, teenage brothers Bill (Kathy's father) and Harry Voortman set out with a modest goal of being self-employed.

In the 1980s Kathy with three brothers moved to California to launch Traditional Baking Inc.

Twenty-five years later Traditional Baking Inc is has become a top private label bakery in the U.S..

With over 45 different cookie varieties,Traditional Baking specializes in seasonal cookies sold to grocery stores, drug stores and mass merchants nationwide. Some cookies are manufactured for outside customers for use in institutional food service programs, in-store bakeries and other channels.

Voortman states, “Our contract bakery smells like any other family kitchen. We want our cookies to taste just like your mom took them out of the oven at home. And our cookies do!”

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