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Facilities & Capabilities

Our 60,00 square foot facility in Bloomington, California is located just 60 miles east of Los Angeles and near the Ontario International Airport.

As a high capacity contract bakery service we conduct continuous equipment upgrades. Our state of the art standards guarantees no short shipments with complete follow-through and customer satisfaction.

Currently we operate three 150-foot ovens. Each oven has three temperature zones that are computer controlled.

Our production line has several manufacturing options to accommodate the desired product.

Wire Cut Cookies
In the wire cut cookie process soft dough passes through dies then a wire cuts it and the dough pieces fall on to the conveyor belt that heads to the oven.

A rotary molded machine is basically a high capacity and more efficient cookie cutter. The cookies come off the line almost exactly alike.

Cookies produced from Deposit Equipment are unique from a wire-cut, in that different shapes and swirls can be made by utilizing different cups that are essentially squeezed onto the oven band.

Spiral Cooling
A round multi-level conveyor that rotates allowing for additional cooling time.

Horizontal and vertical packing capabilities

Finished goods warehousing and distribution services are handled through 106,000 square foot facility located in Redlands, California. The warehouse has a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) and real-time reporting on inventory.





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