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Cookie Quality Control

Cookie Quality Control – Traditional Baking, Inc.

Our business is totally dependent on our reputation. That reputation rests solely on the taste of EVERY cookie that moves from our bakery to retailer shelves. At the same time we understand that your store’s reputation relies on the quality that we deliver.

In their rush to market many manufacturers pay lip service to quality control. At Traditional Baking that does not happen. We have a fully staffed Cookie Quality Control Department. Their jurisdiction is to make absolutely sure we produce consistently high quality products every day for every client.

We have set a high standard for ourselves and our Quality Control staff’s sole purpose is to maintain those levels. Implementing a sound Quality Control program is critical to meeting stringent regulatory requirements and receiving the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification.

Issued by the Safe Quality Food Institute the SQF Certification is an acknowledgement that we have only the highest food handling standards. The SQF Certification provides assurance that our products, and service complies with regulatory safety standards for preparation, processing and handling.

The Certification is not only for the Traditional Baking facility as a cookie manufacturer but also includes our private label bakery products.

Our ongoing reputation relies heavily on the quality of cookies manufactured. To maintain that reputation we start by using only quality ingredients. These are obtained from U.S. suppliers that too have the highest reputation in the industry.

These ingredients are mixed according to strict recipe using the exact amount for each. It’s just like making cookies at home except we bake on a much larger scale.

We do not add ingredients to increase shelf life of any of our products.

Our cookies are routinely sampled and tested throughout the day to ensure product consistency.

The food industry (and others) has seen a large number of product recalls. A recall of any kind can be devastating to a company’s brand and finances. Our philosophy is not to cut corners in any part of the manufacturing process that could lead to a recall of any kind. This philosophy has worked well for us and our clients. In 29 years of manufacturing and nearly 10 billion cookies later we are proud to say that not one single cookie has ever been recalled for any reason whatsoever.

The cookie quality is our best assurance of your allegiance to us. It’s also our best argument for you not looking anywhere else.

If you are searching for a contract bakery manufacturer or private label bakery products, Traditional Baking, Inc should be on your very short list!

Kosher Certification

In addition to being SQF Certified our cookie manufacturing facility is also Kosher Certified.

Kosher Certification starts with an application. In the application we had to provide a description of our baking facilities, each product to be certified and our goals and objectives. We also had to outline the close involvement of production people, how raw materials are received and how packaging materials are created.

If our cookies are to be Certified all ingredients need to be kosher. Included with application we have supply a list of the actual manufacturer (not just the broker or distributor) for each of our ingredients.

We manufacture private label cookies where Traditional Baking name does not appear on the packaging. For the private label products we had to supply a list of all of our distributors and retail outlets.

After our application was considered and accepted an inspection of our bakery was scheduled before we received Kosher Certification.

The Kosher Certification status is an ongoing agreement where we are obligated to maintain all standards. The bakery is subject to regular visits by the Rabbinic Inspectors to ensure that we are continually in compliance.

Kosher Certification is an endorsement that all our ingredients, products and food handling processes have met and surpassed all standards and requirement.

It is clear that private label cookie packaged with the Kosher Certification will move off the shelves faster that those without the endorsement.


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