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Contract Bakery Manufacturer

What is a Contract Bakery Manufacturer?

There’s a difference between Traditional Baking, Inc being utilized as a contract bakery manufacturer and private label cookie company. We will start with contract bakery service. Click here for more information on private label cookies.

As a contract bakery manufacturer we take your recipe and produce cookies according to your formula. Cookies are also packaged with branding according to your specifications and made available for shipping or pick up from our dedicated warehouse facility.

We work with several name brand clients that have several bakeries nationwide producing the same product. In these cases we are the West Coast or California contract bakery manufacturer for the client. These category of clients utilize several bakeries to cut down on transit time and save on distribution costs.

With these clients consistent quality is critical. For instance a brand name cookie manufactured at a New York bakery must be identical in quality, taste and packaging as one made in California.

At Traditional Baking we work with the leading corporate names in the country. These clients have very high expectations and standards and we are able to meet and exceed them on a daily basis.

Getting started with a Contract Bakery Manufacturer

Not all contract bakeries have the ability to manufacture all types of cookies. The first step should be to call us to determine if we can actually manufacture your cookies. This will quickly include or exclude us as your new provider.

The next determination is can we handle your volume? Yes! We have a capacity to produce over 3 million cookies a day. We have NEVER needed to turn down a client because the order was too big.

So far it’s been determined we can manufacture your product and that volume isn’t a problem, what’s next?

We know we can manufacture your cookies but you have be reassured that we can meet your standards. The next step is for us to manufacture cookies using your recipe. This test bake will be conducted on a small scale at our in-house Quality Control kitchen. We use similar baking equipment found in any home kitchen. After all, that’s what we really do. We manufacture cookies that look, feel and taste just like homemade. The only difference is we produce in much larger quantities than Mom used to bake.

Most clients like to be on our premises during the test bake. If adjustments are required they will be made at this time.

Once you approve the cookies from the test bake we then produce a batch on our regular production line.

For more about our Cookie Quality Control procedures please click here.


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