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Bakers Batch Branded Cookies

Bakers Batch Group

For retailers that are not interested in our contract bakery services or private label cookie program, we have a third option. Baker’s Batch is an established brand with lines of cookies that are already sold through major retailers including CVS Pharmacy, Smart & Final, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, 99 Cent Stores, HEB and more.

There’s a tendency for consumers to believe that a private label item is of lesser quality. In general, consumers of various products not just cookies have been impressed with private brands. Consumers have become wise to the fact that private in store brands actually are produced by the same companies as the big brands.

The decision then, is whether or not to invest in a private label or go with the recognizable Baker’s Batch branded cookies.

Cookies need to look enticing so that consumers take the pack of the shelf. We don’t hide the look of our cookies beneath layers of packaging. The first thing most consumers notice right away is that our cookies are larger than most other brands. Immediately the “good value for money” thought process kicks in. We want them to mentally smell that undeniable homemade aroma that gets stomachs rumbling. That’s when Baker’s Batch branded cookies move off the shelf and into shopping carts.

The Baker’s Batch line is a profitable addition for any retailer.

For more information on Baker’s Batch branded cookies please visit their website by clicking here.




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